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Buying a home is now a reality for you! 

From a conventional standpoint, people obtain a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker to finance the purchase of a home. To qualify, you must have good credit (typically a minimum 620 score), significant cash down (usually 3.5% to 20%), and proper documentation (W2s, tax returns, bank statements, etc.). Without these, it is extremely difficult to buy a home! Same goes for those who are self employed or on a new job!

The solution is our lease purchase program! With a lease purchase you rent the home for a specific period of time, and prior to the end of the lease you purchase the home at an agreed upon price (you'll agree on the price upfront with the seller). During that time,  portions of the rent payments and the initial deposit you make are credited as a down payment towards the purchase! Here's how it works:

  • We help you find a home that you want to buy

  • You and a representative will tour the home and review its status

  • If all is good, you and the seller (in most cases this will be us if you're buying a home we own) will agree upon a purchase price and a monthly rent

  • All homes require a 3% to 10% down payment that is credited towards the purchase price

  • You'll then move into the home and pay the agreed upon monthly rent

  • You'll go through the credit restoration process with our trusted credit affiliates at Credible Concepts

  • Within 6 to 18 months by following the the credit restoration process you'll be mortgage ready!

  • We have mortgage contacts that you'll already be introduced to that will get you approved at a great rate and terms! 

This very simple process has helped tenant buyers transition into home owners without the hassles of constant credit pulls, application denials, and the stress of the process! Plus you will begin building equity as an owner! Ready to get started? Contact us and let's work! 

During the course of the lease purchase, you can use a credit consulting service we will refer you to. They have helped literally hundreds of people level up their credit profiles! Whether you lease purchase one of our homes or not, you can certainly use them.  They will give you a free consulting session and you can decide which course of action to take with them. 
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